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About Brooklyn Atlantis and the science behind it!

Informational Video

Aquatic Robotic Vehicle (ARV)

The Aquatic Robotic Vehicle (ARV) we developed is a self-sustaining robotic device that autonomously acquires and broadcasts images and sensor data from the canal. The ARV can be deployed into the canal for extended periods of time. Whilst deployed, four sensors test the water temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and pH of the canal's water. The ARV is continually snapping pictures both above and below the water surface and uploading them to our website. This is where citizen scientists help.

Citizen Science

Citizen science projects enable members of the public to take part - passively or actively - in scientific research. From a science advancement point of view, a key advantage of engaging the public in citizen science projects is that such projects facilitate data collection and information sharing on a scale that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Data collected in citizen science projects are extensively used in scientific research, and citizen scientists often serve as quasi- experts who help broaden the understanding of science in their communities.

The Team

The project team includes Oded Nov, Maurizio Porfiri, Vladislav Kopman, Jeffrey Laut, Emiliano Henry, Jarred Humphrey, Fausto Del Sette, and William Quigley. Brooklyn Atlantis alumni: Sohan Gharpure, Yuwen Memon, Aditya Guntupalli, Nitin Narasimhan, Shamanth Turuvekere Shivakumaraswamy, Kshitij Nagpal, Vivin Raj, Jakub Cichon and Matthew Conte, and Manjunath Tumkur Maheshchandra.

How To Help

So how can you help us? By becoming a citizen scientist! It’s simple. Create an account here and login to our online portal. Once logged in, press “Participate” or click here. Click any of the images on the page that our ARV has taken in order to start tagging it! But what should you be tagging? Any recognizable object! Whether it’s a tree, fish, or soda can, its fair game, so don’t hold back! By helping us tag the images from our ARV we can study and observe the canal and its wildlife right from home.

Join The Team

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the project as undergraduate and graduate students. If you have an engineering, software development or social science background, we would love to hear from you.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David Anderson for the inspiration and support, and to Emanuela Grillo for our logo.


Launch Location

Supported By The National Science Foundation